It’s been almost a month since my last post. I guess I can say welcome back (to me).  So what exactly has been going on since that time? A number of things.

Research, reading and well some writing – just no blog postings.  Last month, I prepared my article for the newsletter, TLOMA Today, but wasn’t particularly happy with it so I didn’t submit it.  You just know when it can be better.  Researching and reading materials for a book and ebook I plan on writing and reviewing other topics I’m interested in.

Collaboration – there’s that buzz word. Anyway, it appears the articles I write for TLOMA Today have caught the eye of someone.  As a reminder, TLOMA Today is a newsletter of The Law Office Management Association.  These articles include the following:

  1. Work With A Virtual Assistant (Dec. 2009, p. 13);
  2. Start the New Year Off On the Right Track:  Go Paperless (Jan. 2010, p. 3);
  3. Getting with 2007 Microsoft Office:  The Ribbon – A Glimpse at Word 2007 (Mar. 2010, p. 8); and
  4. Knowledge Management:  Collaborative Work Systems (April 2010, p. 13).

Late one night on April 27 (my last post date), I received an e-mail from the president of a Canadian company who has been following my articles as well as reading the information on my Knowledge Management: Collaborative Work Systems website. Anyway, in a nutshell, the company develops applications – information and knowledge management solutions (i.e., portals for collaboration) – for Microsoft SharePoint for legal and non-legal environments.  He was interested in making a connection, and, in fact, we had a web meeting earlier this month.

Interested in reading the articles, visit my website, Virtual Legal Corner.  The articles can also be found online in the newsletter, TLOMA Today.

Participating in Phone Meetings – for the development of the PMI Legal Project Management CoP and reviewing and writing some materials for the business plan.

Volunteering – working on the web pages of the website – Woman 2 Woman Community Services, Inc. – making them consistent across the site, including changing the navigation links, removing outdated and erroneous content; editing content and updating content.

Updating my website – Virtual Legal Corner.

Job Searching, sending out cover letter and resumes – yes, I’m still doing that.

Is God trying to tell me something?